About Us

IBI Hover (M) Sdn Bhd established in year 2019. We distribution, sales & services for water sports products, rescue equipment, and accessories in Malaysia.

Located in Shenzhen (right next to Hong Kong) of China, the Hoverstar Flight Technology Inc is specialized in the design and manufacturing of water sports products, rescue equipment and accessories. In almost four years Hoverstar expanded into a leading innovative brand in the water sports industry for customers who aspire for using the coolest yet practical underwater scooters, efoils and all the gears needed for enjoying a happy time out on the water.


Our Brand

Hover technology, star ingenuity. This is our brand tagline and we aims to thrill the industry with creativeness at all times while providing our customers with high user value. Hoverstar always regards innovation as the first principle for product development.

Mission & Vision


Be realiable whenever and wherever need, Havopark aims to become one of the top brand as a provider for professional
water rescue equipment and solutions.


To develop and design innovative water sports products such as robots, drones and scooters that adds to new fields of water entertainment as well as creating some extraordinary water experiences.


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